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Austin Fantastic Fest
Best Actress, Best Picture,
Best Screenplay


Best Animated Film
International Competition


Best Production Design
(Israeli Academy of Film & Television)

2021  ●  90 min  ●  Hebrew

Legend Of Destruction, 2021.

Animated historical feature film written, directed and produced by Gidi Dar.


This animated epic tells the story of the Jewish revolt against the Roman Empire in Jerusalem (70 A.D.), which ended with the destruction of the Second Temple. Over 7 years in the making, Michael and David created approximately 1500 distinct, breathtaking paintings and illustrations that make up the film’s frames. Legend of Destruction is the first feature film Studio Potemkin did completely in-house (Roiy did the compositing). In 2021 this film won the Best Production Design award (Michael and David) from the Israeli Film Academy.

legend of destruction

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